Lineup: Clairvoyance

Gianni Mimmo – soprano sax, Silvia Corda – piano, Adriano Orrù – double bass

Lineup: Adriano Orrù – double bass

With An Oblique Glance
Lineup: A Sphere of simple Green

Adriano Orrù – double-bass, Silvia Corda – piano/toy piano,
Simon Balestrazzi
– electronics
For Massas
for massas 4_frontLineup:

Joao Pedro Viegas – bass clarinet, Guy-Frank Pellerin – sax, Silvia Corda – piano, Adriano Orrù – double bass

Istinti Ragionati
istinti ragionatiLineup:

Marco Colonna – clarinets, Silvia Corda – piano, Adriano Orrù – double bass

Live at Palazzo Viceregio
live at palazzo viceregioLineup:

Stefan Schmidt – guitar, Silvia Corda – toy piano, Adriano Orrù – double bass


Palimpsest Trio

Paulo Chagas – wind instruments, Silvia Corda – piano, Adriano Orrù – double bass

Orrù Mar Rocha
Live at MIA 2015

Adriano Orrù – double bass, Maria do Mar – violin, Luiz Rocha – clarinet

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2 CD Palimpsest 2014 WEB Edition HiRes RGBLineup:

Adriano Orrù – electric bass, Paulo Chagas – wind instruments, Mauro Sambo – percussions and electronics, Silvia Corda – prepared piano and toy piano

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The Breath
Geometrie coverLineup: Geometrie Variabili

Silvia Corda – piano, Elia Casu – electric guitar, Adriano Orrù – double-bass, Antonio Pinna – percussion

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Gramsci in concert

Gramsci in concert_frontLineup:

Giorgio Baratta – voice, Clara Murtas – voice, Giancarlo Schiaffini – trombone, Adriano Orrù – double-bass

Collettivo di resistenza culturale 1

Elia Casu-prep. el. guitar, electronic, Angelo Contini-trombone
Silvia Corda-indian harmonium, glockenspiel, objects,
Adriano Orrù– double-bass, Paolo Sanna-prep. drum set, percussions

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Adriano Orrùdouble-bass


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A Sphere
Of Simple Green

A sphere 1 Lineup:

Adriano Orrù– double-bass, Silvia Corda – piano,
Simon Balestrazzi
– laptop, toy psaltery, VCS3

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pieces for trio
Improvised pieces for trio - BR8904Lineup:

Sebastiano Meloni – piano, Adriano Orrù – double-bass, Tony  Oxley – drums

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Solos and DuetsSolos and duets/TiconZero TCZ 007 - 1Lineup:

Adriano Orrù – double-bass, Giancarlo Schiaffini – trombone, Paolo Angeli – sardinian prepared guitar, Roberto Pellegrini – percussions

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ImpromptuImpromptu/Digitalis Purpurea DP001 - 2Lineup:

Giancarlo Schiaffini – trombone, Adele Madau – violin, Silvia Corda – piano, Adriano Orrù – double-bass, Roberto Pellegrini – percussions

Silvia Corda Trio – ImpronteSilvia Corda Trio - Impronte/Splasc(h) CDH744.2Lineup:

Silvia Corda – piano, Adriano Orrù – double-bass, Antonio Pisano – drums

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